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Monthly Supporters (We need you!)

I would love to never ever have to ask for money! However, I would love to invite you to invest in what God is doing in Transylvania, Romania! We need regular monthly support to continue doing our ministry. We raised our support and moved to Romania in 2011, and since that time we’ve lost more supporters than we’ve gained. We are planning to come back to the U.S.A. in the Summer of 2022 to raise our monthly support to the level that we need. At the moment, we need to raise over $2000/month. You can help us use our time in the U.S. more effectively by donating online now!

One Time Gifts (We need those too!)

If you cannot commit to a monthly amount to support our ministry, click the Donate button and invest a one-time gift that we can use to further the reach of the Gospel in Romania!

Building Fund

We are trying to buy land to build a church on or a good building to renovate. If you wish to donate to our building fund please add a note your gift that says “Building Fund.”

Global Outreach International

Our mission board, Global Outreach International, is a Gospel focused organization that believes that the local church is the sending organization for missionaries, and that they are here to back them up. Global is an excellent partner to us in ministry. They care for us through, prayer, phone calls, letters, emails, ongoing training, retreats, and personal care visits. We LOVE our mission board!

100% of you donation gets to our ministry! Global does NOT take a cut out of our donations! They raise their own support as they consider their mission a ministry just like ours. If you already support us, please consider donating to the Global Outreach home office as well so that they can continue to help us!